Detroit Popcorn Company bought by former owner after DPC president's post, plans to sell to Black investors

The previous owner of the Detroit Popcorn Company has come out of retirement to buy the company back from the president of the company after racist and offensive posts were published.

David Farber announced Tuesday that he bought the company back from Evan Singer. Farber made the announcement less than 24 hours after FOX 2 published a story regarding a social media comment that Singer posted that read "they wonder why they need knee's in there (sic) necks." The post is an obvious reference to the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died while in police custody. A white officer was seen on video kneeling on Floyd's neck while Floud shouted that he couldn't breathe.

According to Farber, Singer is no longer affiliated with or employed by the business and holds no interest in the company. Farber said he's already planning a sale to African-American investors int he near future.

 "I was very disheartened and disappointed in what Mr. Singer wrote on Facebook," says Farber. "I don't tolerate racism in any form, ever. Detroit Popcorn Company is closed in the short term until we can assess the best way to move forward and also facilitate a sale. Mr. Singer disrespected our community, customers, and employees. I could not tolerate this behavior at a company that I once owned, therefore, I decided to buy back the company."

Singer told FOX 2 his comments had nothing to do with Floyd.

"The video I commented on, which of course nobody showed online, was about a Target being destroyed. And as a business owner, it was extremely upsetting to see that. I'm the furthest person from a racist. My wife and family is being threatened over Facebook over a post that someone saw that had nothing to what they're even making it out to be," he said.

Detroit Popcorn Company was founded in 1923 and Farber said he bought the 'fledgling business' several years ago, retooled it, and made it successful before retiring and handing control over to Singer.