Detroit Pride women's football team gears up for new season

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It is the first practice for the Detroit Pride - the Lions are over but for these ladies the season is just getting started.

"This is a full contact league - no different than going to see the Detroit Lions - it's just women underneath the uniforms and helmets," said Rhonda Alford.

Alford is the team owner. This is the Pride's fifth season and she's pretty proud of their record so far.

"Our very first season we won a championship, our third season we won a bowl game," Alford said. "We're looking to bring a championship back this year."

Mike Jennings is in his first year as head coach.

"I'm excited - I'm more than excited," he said. "Today is just the beginning - the stepping stone to get to where we really want - the championship."

All eyes are on the prize for the Detroit Pride - a group of women with a love of the game and something to prove.

"A lot of people don't know that women play football." said Zakiya Aniapam.

Aniapam is 25 years-old and played with the Pride for four years.

"When we get on the field we aren't even thinking about all that, we just want to play and hit hard and make our touchdowns," she said.

"We got big hits," said Dasia Werts. "Some better than the Lions. I've been to quite a few games myself. I love the Lions but you guys should step out the box and come and see us play, too."

Or come play alongside them, the Pride is looking for more women.

"We're looking for women 15 and up - up meaning to whatever age you feel like you can play football," said Alford. "You don't have to know anything about football - you just have to want to play - the coaching staff is amazing - they'll teach you everything you need to know."

Fired up for their fifth season - a family - a Pride - The Detroit Pride are ready to win.

"We're sisters on the field and sisters off the field so it's like we're all one big family," said Aniapam. "Come ready to hit hard and be aggressive - be ready to play.

"If I can do it - you can do it."

The season starts in April. To learn more go to the Pride's Facebook page HERE.