Detroit protest leader unenthusiastic after delivering list of 11 demands to Mayor Mike Duggan

On Tuesday, leaders of the Detroit protest group, Detroit Will Breathe, delivered their list of 11 things they want the city to do to make them safe for everyone.

Included among the 11 were defunding and demilitarize the police department, ending Project Greenlight, and drop charges against protesters. Read the full list here.

Protest leader Tristan Taylor released the 11 items before meeting with Mayor Mike Duggan on Tuesday. Following the meeting, he said there were conversations but nothing concrete.

"It was interesting to say the least," Taylor said. "Intent doesn't guarantee outcome - that's my motto. So, it's all about what you do."

The demand to defund Detroit Police would ask that money is directed into other programs for residents. Deputy Mayor Conrad Mallett spoke for the city after the meeting and said while they may not agree, there is some common ground they can agree upon, like the need to care residents' mental health. But he says the conversation is about more than policing.

"There are going to be disagreements within any coalition. We may not agree on everything but we agree on most things and the things we do agree we need your help and want your support," Mallett said. "I do think that dealing with the inequities associated with race - absolutely this is the moment, as the mayor has said, we are in."

Both sides say they're open in more meetings but Taylor says he wants them public. He said as they enter night 12 of protests, they're not slowing down.

"More has been achieved in the past 12 days in a lot of ways than in the past 10 years. And that's because of the thing people think is white noise - being on the streets."

Taylor and his partner Nakia Wallace say protests won't stop and say police reform is a marathon, not a sprint.

"This step happened because of the power and strength of the movement and any other step that happens is going to happen because of that," Wallace said.

Detroit Will Breathe is protesting again in Detroit at 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Organizers said there is no end in sight in their protests.