Detroit Regional Chamber releases endorsements for 2020 election

The Detroit Regional Chamber has released its list of electoral endorsements for the 2020 election season.

The list includes a bipartisan array of politicians from several key races from the very local stage to federal elections.

“We selected candidates who can effectively balance supporting businesses while addressing important policies and social issues that are holding back our region,” said the group's political action committee's Chair Hank Cooney. “This a strong slate of bipartisan candidates we feel will best serve their communities and position Michigan to create jobs and accelerate economic growth as we deal with the impact of COVID-19.”

Among the biggest races that the Detroit Regional Chamber included in its endorsements is for U.S. Sen. Gary Peters. The Michigan politician is in his first campaign running for reelection against Republican challenger John James.

The Chamber also endorsed Dave Coulter for Oakland County Executive, who is running his first official campaign for the seat after being appointed by commissioners in 2019. 

Below is the Chamber's list of endorsements for state representative:

1st District – Tenisha Yancey (D)
2nd District – Joe Tate (D)
4th District – Abraham Aiyash (D)
6th District – Tyrone Carter (D)
9th District – Karen Whitsett (D)
10th District – Mary Cavanagh (D)
11th District – Jewell Jones (D)
12th District – Alex Garza (D)
13th District – Tullio Liberati (D)
17th District – Joe Bellino (R)
18th District – Kevin Hertel (D)
19th District – Laurie Pohutsky (D)
22nd District – Richard Steenland (D)
23rd District – Darrin Camilleri (D)
24th District – Steve Marino (R)
25th District – Nate Shannon (D)
27th District – Regina Weiss (D)
30th District – Diana Farrington (R)
31st District – William Sowerby (D)
32nd District – Pam Hornberger (R)
35th District – Kyra Bolden (D)
36th District – Doug Wozniak (R)
38th District – Kelly Breen (D)
40th District – Mari Manoogian (D)
41st District – Padma Kuppa (D)
43rd District – Andrea Schroeder (R)
45th District – Mark Tisdel (R)
48th District – Sheryl Kennedy (D)
49th District – John Cherry (D)
51st District – Mike Mueller (R)
52nd District – Donna Lasinski (D)
53rd District – Yousef Rabhi (D)
56th District – T.C. Clements (R)
63rd District – Matt Hall (R)
71st District – Angela Witwer (D)
74th District – Mark Huizenga (R)
77th District – Tommy Brann (R)
85th District – Ben Frederick (R)
87th District – Julie Calley (R)
91st District – Greg VanWoerkom (R)
93rd District – Graham Filler (R)
97th District – Jason Wentworth (R)
100th District – Scott VanSingel (R)
101st District – Jack O’Malley (R)

Below is the Chamber's list of endorsements for the U.S. House of Representatives:

1st District – Jack Bergman (R)
2nd District – Bill Huizenga (R)
3rd District – Peter Meijer (R)
4th District – John Moolenaar (R)
5th District – Dan Kildee (D)
6th District – Fred Upton (R)
7th District – Tim Walberg (R)
8th District – Elissa Slotkin (D)
9th District – Andy Levin (D)
10th District – Lisa McClain (R)
11th District – Haley Stevens (D)
12th District – Debbie Dingell (D)
14th District – Brenda Lawrence (D)