Detroit resident fighting back against illegal dumpers

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As the sign implies William Moore takes pride in his neighborhood. So when illegal dumping takes place so close to home, Moore says it won't be tolerated.

It started months ago. This property owned by Northstar LLC on Foley st near Fullerton on the city's west side. It used to be a dumpster rental place. But Moore says the business was operating outside of what the property was zoned for so it shut down and left garbage behind as a parting gift.

A warehouse, two stories tall full of other people's trash. That's just on the outside.

A mountain of bricks on one side, logs and other discarded lumber on the other.

In 40 years, Moore has seen his neighborhood fall on hard times. Moore tells Fox 2 his community has even won a battle or two when it comes to blight but this battle seems impossible to Moore with the garbage piled so high.

Bottom line, he's not giving up until his community is cleaned up.