Detroit Reverend begins campaign to recall Gov. Snyder on Easter Sunday

Before and after Easter Sunday services in Detroit, volunteers began collecting recall Gov. Rick Snyder petitions.

State law requires nearly 790,000 valid signatures be collected in a 60-day timeframe. The clock on this petition drive began on Easter Sunday.

The petition's language was authored by Rev. David Bullock of Detroit's Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church.

"It's not about Democrats. This is not about Republicans. It's not about whites or blacks. It's not about rich or poor. You have all kinds of folks -- rural citizens, urban citizens, people of faith, people who are atheist, (of varying) sexual orientation -- we've got everybody. And you have to ask yourself this question: When everybody agrees, what does that mean?" Bullock said. "I think that means Rick Snyder's got to go."
Bullock had volunteers posted outside several Detroit's churches on Sunday. Cynthia Jackson, a petition volunteer, said the response was "overwhelmingly positive" toward their mission as people walked in and out of church.

"I didn't run into anyone who wasn't eager to sign. As a matter of fact, they were asking could they sign more than once," she said.

There have been a total of 12 petitions to recall the governor. Four have been thrown out by the board of canvassers as invalid, and eight petitions remain.