Detroit Salsa Company organizes fundraiser to raise money for woman battling breast cancer

At the end of Aug., 26-year-old Taylor Bergiel was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. 

“In spite of everything, I’m definitely powering through,” Taylor said. “I’ve got a surgery scheduled at the beginning of next month and hopefully after that is remission. I’ve always tried to consider myself a strong woman, and take this for what it is and move forward.”

Some may say, “behind every strong woman, is a strong community,” and that’s why Detroit Salsa Company decided to make things easier for Taylor by holding a fundraiser to help raise money for her treatment.

“We knew that a lot of local women and families in the area can relate to her story, so we figured why not give the money for what she needs to get through her travels,” said Jennifer Herbert with Detroit Salsa Company.

“This community has just given us so much love and support,” said Taylor’s dad Marty Bergiel. “There’s just no words to express our thanks and appreciation.”

While Taylor is in the fight for her life, she still has hopes of inspiring people who are also in the battle with beat breast cancer.

“There’s always going to be a brighter day,” Taylor said. “As crummy as it may seem right now, there’s always going to be a brighter day.”

So far, hundreds have participated in the fundraiser. If you would like to get involved, connect with the Detroit Salsa Company by clicking here.