Detroit schools kick off Kindergarten boot camp

Detroit Public Schools Community District is ready to jump-start education for its newest members.

"We’re excited because the boot camp is really focused on preparing our little people who will be entering kindergarten in the fall," Sharlonda Buckman, an assistant superintendent of Detroit Public Schools Community District said.

On Tuesday, FOX 2 cameras caught 4 and 5-year-olds marching to their new assignment at the Kindergarten boot camp.

This boot camp is in partnership with the Detroit Public Library which provided meeting space for 15 of the 17 boot camp locations where the young enrollees interact with district teachers.

When asked if she was enjoying herself, Harmony had a gleeful response: "So much fun!" while jumping in the air.

"They’re working on their fine motor skills and their language cognitive skills," Buckman said.

District officials say It’s a great introduction to the classroom.

"Our parents have told us it makes a difference. Every year we do evaluate the program," Buckman added.

The boot camp also provided resources for parents.

"We also have an opportunity to work with our parents to be champions early on their children’s education journey - so as much as we're teaching, the students were also modeling for the parents what good teaching and learning looks like and how to promote strong literacy skills," Buckman said.

"You have to further your child’s education start now before it’s too late," Jamesha Coats, a parent said.

There are still spots available for this bootcamp that will not cost families anything to participate.

"I would encourage parents to come on out take advantage of it even if it’s just for a few weeks because it keeps our kids motivated and focused over the summer so that they are ready to go back to school in the Fall," Buckman said.