Detroit Schools to resume in-person school with measures that 'exceed' CDC recommendations

The Detroit Public Schools Community District will resume school soon with plans to have some students online and others in person - all with a number of new rules and regulations in response to COVID-19.

The impossible decision of whether or not you send your kids back to school is exactly that - impossible. In the Detroit Public Schools Community District, many parents don't have a choice.

As of the end of July, the district has a detailed, 23-page manifesto regarding the reopening of schools. 

"This is a very hard decision to make, we are in the midst of a pandemic," said Chrystal Wilson, Assistant Superintendant.

"For those parents who have fear taking their children to school, I just have to say just have faith. DPS is taking precautions and that's the main thing," said parent Crystal McKinley.

Some parents feel their kids really need what in-person education offers.

"I just can't provide those services at home. Even my parents can help her if they wanted to but I'm making this sacrifice to put myself in danger and stuff but my daughter needs to these services at school," said Debrina McNeal.

The district says it has safety protocols prepared and will exceed CDC recommendations while being in line with Michigan guidelines.

Classrooms will be limited to 20 students at any one time, those riding the bus will need to sit apart, virtual alternatives will be offered in every session, and more electives might be offered to reduce class size.

Not every parent is willing to take the risk, even with precautions. 

"If I'm able to keep my child at home, I want to. Just because that will keep fewer students in the classroom and so that does make it better for whoever does to send their child back to school," Jessica Ounissi said.

Ta'Mara Williams, however, is taking a different approach. She's sending one student to school and keeping her younger ones home.

"My children are very touchy and my children are very loveable so as soon as they get in that door, kids love to run up to them," Williams said. "I do have a high schooler. She's attending Marygrove High School and I do want to send her back to school because she's more prone to understand the pros and cons toward not touching, wearing your mask, using the hand sanitizer, and washing your hands." 

To read the entire plan set forth on Friday, the DPSCD has uploaded it to their website.

Whatever parents decide, the district needs them to fill out a survey regarding what they've chosen for their students by August 21st so they can plan accordingly.