Detroit students need your help to meet Warren Buffett

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Some Detroit students get a once in a lifetime chance to meet one of the wealthiest men in the world -- Warren Buffett.

But to make it to the annual shareholder meeting in nebraska -- they'll need some help first.

Jordan Connally is one of 26 kids who will meet and pick the brains of the billionaire investor and businessman.

"The first thing I am going to ask him is how did he get to where he is today," Jordan said.

She's a part of the Money Matters for Youth program in detroit which teaches kids about economic empowerment.

"I kind of look at my money and try to manage it in a different way now that I've gone to the camp the last six years," Jordan said. "The first thing you think about when you get money is spend it. There is also saving and investing."

Gail Perry Mason is the founder and organized the trip after meeting Buffett at a Miami Dolphins football game.

After she spoke about her kids she taught, Buffet suggested that Gail bring her money matters kids to his Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting.

And with the help of several donors she raised thousands of dollars to pay for the trip but is still a bit short and could use your help to cover the shortfall.

So the kids from money matters for youth program roll out to nebraska thursday night, If you want to help them get there -  CLICK HERE.