Detroit teacher fired for breaking up fight with broom, sues EAA

The next day, the video was uploaded to YouTube and Eaton was questioned by school officials. The lawsuit claims they pressured her to resign but she refused and they terminated her.

The EAA said at the time that the school does not tolerate child abuse. Pershing High School is part of the Education Achievement Authority, the state's school turnaround district. The EAA district does not have a union so the teacher had no grounds to file an appeal. 

One week after she was fired, Eaton was reinstated as a teacher at Pershing High School. She did not accept the job and said she is 'afraid of returning to the classroom'.

In her lawsuit, Eaton said there was an unusually high amount of fighting and violence which the district was aware of but did not explain to her when she took the job in January 2014. 

Eaton, who is black, claims in her lawsuit her race was also a factor and that a white female teacher put a student in a headlock to stop a fight but never got into in trouble. 

As a result of the incident, Eaton said she has suffered from emotional distress, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

FOX 2 has reached out to the EAA and Eaton's attorneys for comment on the lawsuit.