Detroit Will Breathe, other organizations join to call for Chief Craig's resignation

The activist group Detroit Will Breathe is renewing demands that Detroit police chief James Craig should resign, saying he encourages violence against protesters in the city. 

The group held a news conference Thursday morning alongside 35 other organizations, all calling for Craig's resignation. 

"Chief Craig's willingness to cozy up to the brazenly racist Trump administration is not welcomed here. We call upon Detroit police chief James Craig to resign. Go. It's just not working," one speaker said.

The wording mimics the message police gave Detroit Will Breathe last month after the group said it wouldn't leave the intersection of John R and Woodward until the added federal agents under Operation Legend left town. Police claimed DWB's motives weren't supported by the majority of Detroiters and other well-known Detroit activists.

"To Detroit Will Breathe, you're not welcome. Go. It's just not working," said Dep. Chief Todd Bettison at a news conference

But those who spoke at the news conference want Craig to go: 

"We think Craig can no longer function as a viable law enforcement chief in the City of Detroit, neither can the current administration as well."

"Think about it. People who are suspects of crime don't suppose to get the death penalty in the streets."

"We do not need police using weapons to destroy the right of people to stand up for justice. So we do not need Chief Craig anymore."

"Chief Craig has on every occasion failed, absolutely failed, to rein in his police department and bring in transparency and accountability to the department."

A spokesman for the police department sent us this statement in Craig's behalf:

"I'm excited that they want me to resign because it further illustrates the disconnect that they have with the people in the City of Detroit. 
I love Detroiters and I love Detroit Police Officers, and our community and police officers do not feel the way they do."

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib also tweeted out the information for Detroit Will Breathe's news conference with an added comment: "Stop beating and assaulting protesters DPD!"