Detroit woman carjacked at gunpoint for her Chrysler 300 on east side

A Detroit woman was carjacked outside her home as she was cleaning out her silver 2015 Chrysler 300

Two suspects approached Theresa as she worked on her car near John R and Grixdale - "I heard him say (bleep) stop playing, then the next thing he was up on me with a gun and says b, don't move or I am going to blow your brains out, give me your car."

With a gun pointed at her head, Theresa's one thought was on survival.

"I gave him the car," she said. "My life is way more important than a car. The one jumped in my car, went through the alley. And the other one ran away on foot.

"I ran in the house, told my cousin and she called 911."

The suspects are two African-American men in their 20s. Dressed in black wearing skull caps 

"She started crying, she could not do anything, but sit down and cry," said Theresa's cousin. "She was shaking, nervous and panicking."

But this was more than a carjacking, Theresa had many personal items inside her car 

"My purse, my house keys, everything," she said.

The victim believes the suspects came from a wooded area near her home, that the city is supposed to take care of.

"You can't see anything from here to there," she said. "We tried to keep the lots clean, my brother, my nephews, they get out and clear the lots, but they can only do so much. We can't get out here and cut the trees down."

If you have information, contact police or Help Eliminate Auto Theft also known as HEAT at 1-800-242-HEAT.

Theresa has this message for the criminals: "Be careful - one day you are going to jump in the wrong car and you not going to have your life. Your life is going to be ended - right then and there."