Detroit woman who opens her home for those in need during deep freeze receives support

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Aunty Nay, otherwise known as Sonia Brown shelters the people and pets that need her at her various homes near Yellowstone and Elmhurst.

Now she's receiving support from volunteers so she can continue to help those in need. 

"I didn't know when this young lady called me yesterday her and hers was looking for shelter, that opening these doors up was going to bring her and her babies to Auntie Nays," Brown said.

That’s exactly what happened Saturday, when a volunteer coming to donate supplies to auntie Nays cause.

Sherrie Handrinos raised 2 grand in donations.

"I almost want to cry but I told everyone I wouldn't," Brown said.

Handrinos used the money to buy 3 SUVS full of supplies after she saw our story about what auntie Nay is doing.

"What she does with so little and so you can really just help people, you're supposed to do that, we're human," Handrinos said.

The 2 volunteers Handrinos brought were not the only ones giving.

Many people stopped by with money donations, and bags of stuff for a woman who does so much.

Since the first story about Aunt Nay she has since then taken in many more families and people who are in need.