Detroit Zoo calls off search for missing baby wallaby

The Detroit Zoo is expending its search for center's missing baby wallaby, which went missing last weekend. 

The zoo said it had "exhausted every resource" in its search for the missing Joey, but "nothing has revealed to us the location of this wallaby."

"At this point, after so many days away from the mother, we do not believe this Joey could still be alive," it wrote on Facebook page. 

The wallaby joey was last seen Saturday when the Detroit Zoological Society closed. Only months old, it had emerged from its mother's pouch only recently. Baby wallabies can't spend too much time away from their mothers when they're young. 

On Sunday, the zoo said it was searching for a missing wallaby and warned it wouldn't survive if it was kept out of its mother's pouch for long. 

Despite searching through trail cameras, security footage, and surrounding enclosures, the zoo has no idea what happened to the animal. Officials did theorize that a raptor might have caught it. 

"We have wild owls that live in the zoo, we have hawks that fly over the zoo," Scott Carter, chief life science officer at the Zoo said. 

In a Facebook post Friday morning, the zoo said the joey's mother, 4-year-old Sprocket, was healthy and doing well. 

"Animal care staff continues to provide her — and every animal at the Zoo — with the highest level of care," it said.

It will also review its policies to ensure any potential fixes can be made.

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"The Detroit Zoo is a leader in animal welfare, widely known for spacious, naturalistic habitats that mimic what an animal might see in the wild. However, when tragedies like this occur, we must review and revisit our policies and procedures to ensure we are doing everything possible to preserve the life and welfare of the animals in our care. Our leadership team is currently undergoing this process."