Detroit Zoo gift shop hit by hackers in security breach

It's business as usual at the Detroit Zoo gift shop - and that's the way zoo officials want it to be.

Service Systems Associates, a third-party operator of retail services,  experienced a security breach with stolen credit card information in gift shops at  nine zoos including The Detroit Zoo. As a result, they wanted to alert their visitors.

"It only impacts people who came to the zoo and went to our retail outlets," said Gerry Van Acker, Detroit Zoological Society. "It doesn't affect anyone who bought tickets or memberships or food and beverages and it would affect anyone who was here March 23 through June 26."

The investigation reveals the hackers not only took debit and credit card numbers, they also got access to other personal information including three-digit security codes.

If you have concerns that you may be impacted by this data security breach, zoo officials want you to do the following:

"They should keep an eye on their credit card statements," Van Acker said. "And make sure they don't see anything that they don't understand and if they do see something contact reporting agencies like Trans Union."

Service Systems Associates released a statement saying as the investigation into this attack continues, the malware that caused the breach was identified and removed. 

All visitors should feel confident using credit or debit cards anywhere in these facilities. 

And that's good news for Danielle Kilbourn who enjoys shopping at the zoo's gift shop and prefers using plastic over cash.

"I'm going to be a little more cautious of what I'm using it for," she said. "But I'm still going to use it because it's a lot easier than carrying cash on you."