Detroiters fearful of stray dog problem after pit bull mauling of girl

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In the southwest Detroit neighborhood where nine-year-old Emma Hernandez was mauled to death by three dogs, many are asking why are there so many dogs?

"It's so infested around here, I'm surprised you are all walking around here with the camera," said one man who lives in the neighborhood.

 Last year alone, Detroit’s animal control says, it removed 4,700 stray dogs from neighborhoods.

It was in an alley where three loose pit bulls killed Emma.

Neighbor Edward Cruz who tried to save Emma by throwing a brick at one of the dogs -- now says that you've got to get rid of pit bulls.

"I would never get a pit bull. If I had to get a dog I would get a Chihuahua," he said. 

"People are always calling the dog pound and they never collect the dogs, ever," said one neighbor.

But the city's animal control says that to address the problem of strays- it has doubled the number of animal control officers to nearly 20, expanded to seven days a week- and soon will be putting two more trucks on the streets full-time.  

"Ticket people if they are not being careful with their dogs," said another neighbor.

Mayor Mike Duggan says he is looking into the situation. He says, "It is not acceptable to have dangerous animals loose on the streets of Detroit."  

DPD and animal control are reviewing the entire issue to make certain the city will do everything possible to prevent this type of tragedy from ever occurring again."    

The law is clear - the owner of the animal has a legal duty to keep that animal under control at all times and if you don't, that's a crime.


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