Detroit's Dedicated Senior Care center is a one-stop shop for medical help

The first of six new medical facilities called Dedicated Senior Medical Centers were officially opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on E. Jefferson Avenue Wednesday.

"We rescue seniors, save seniors never be taken care of better than with Dedicated," said Dr. Jennifer Casey, regional chief medical officer.

Walk inside this Detroit location and its medical staff says it's one-stop, easy access to quality medical care.  

"We have the ability to do X-rays, ultrasounds, we do laboratory work," she said. "When you come here to Dedicated as a senior citizen, we will do everything we can to take care of you right here."

Staff members at Dedicated believe their Senior Medical Centers will transform primary care for more than 10,000 underserved Detroit seniors.

"They have everything in one place big plus for me as opposed to having all my healthcare spread around," said Frederick Hardy.

As the center's first patient, Hardy was eager to tell Detroit's Mayor Mike Duggan about his experience.

"I am loving it here, I live in the neighborhood and this place is perfect for me," Hardy said.

Mayor Duggan also got an up-close look at the facility as he took a tour of the center As a former CEO of the Detroit Medical Center,  Duggan believes this concept in medical care is what his city needs.

"In the city of Detroit too many use the emergency room as primary care and we need the kind of quality places that suburbs have," he said. "This is beautiful and it will help our seniors to stay healthy."

Doctors say what also makes this place unique is that they provide their patients with their personal contact information

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