Detroit's pot shop owners get creative, punny, with store names

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Chronic Releaf

When Detroit voters gave medical marijuana the green light in 2008, the applications for licenses to buy pot and capitalists looking to make some green with the green opened up pot shops throughout the D. 

When the stores opened, they came with clever puns (Releaf, Club Medz, The Reef etc). However, Detroit city Council members voted to change city regulations to require a permit and not be within 1,000 feet of schools, church, parks, liquor stores, or bars.

The city also requires background checks and owners to have no felony convictions. These new regulations are all done in an effort to weed out some of the 200 marijuana shops in the city. There are other restrictions and licenses must be renewed every year. But the application process started March 1. 

With these stricter requirements, some medical marijuana shops across Detroit may be forced to close up shop. Before any of them do, we decided to go and document some of the most creative, punny, and interesting ones that we liked. 

NOTE: this does not indicate that any of these stores will be or are closing.

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Ironically, but perhaps not surprisingly, most of the creative names were found along 8 Mile. Though Detroit legalized medical marijuana with a license, most suburbs did not. Stores opening on 8 Mile were likely doing so to capitalize on the suburban demand for medical marijuana.

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