Detroit's Regent Park gets makeover by volunteer-powered LifeBUILDERS

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LifeBUILDERS is beautifying a community through vision and community service.

"Twelve years ago when we came here, there was no hope," said Larry Johnson.

Through Johnson's organization, LifeBUILDERS Johnson set out to transform Detroit's Regent Park neighborhood an area that was dealing with squatters, drug dealers and abandoned homes.

Every year the organization would bring in volunteers to remove weeds, blight - and rehab properties when possible.

This year, volunteers converged on the neighborhood once again for the LifeBUILDERS Summer Build Week.

"With 70 people from. Norway, young life people from Grosse Pointe, two church groups from Grand Rapids," said Johnson, the executive director of LifeBUILDERS.

On Monday volunteers were seen removing more weeds and blight but also working to create an area that will feature flowers and plants in a continuous effort to beautify this neighborhood.

"I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for what God has done and what He has chosen to use us here to transform an entire community," Johnson said.

Johnson says he's also grateful for provirus hard work that's help to turn the community around.

"I see a new childhood education center - a new park where kids can play and families can have picnics and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude," he said.

The LifeBUILDERS Summer Build Week just got started and Johnson says they can always use more volunteers who want to make a positive difference.

To learn how you can volunteer go to

"And we'll see if we can't get something together," Johnson said. "And you can come out and see the great work God is doing in Regent Park."