Did we just have the best weekend weather we're gonna get this year?

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Did we just have the best weekend weather we’re gonna get this year?

I had a strange thought while my wife and I were walking the dog in the gorgeous Sunday weather.

I wondered, “What if this is the best weekend of the year? Like, the rest of the year?”

After pondering for a moment I convinced myself, “Nahhhh, there’s no way. We have all of summer ahead of us. We will definitely have a better weekend.”

After digging into the numbers I found that, sure, we will … maybe.

First, let’s recap the weekend. Friday was 68 and sunny; Saturday was 74 and sunny; and Sunday was 78 and sunny. We had three “weekend” days, with temps near or above 70s and no rain (heck, barely any clouds!).

So I went month-by-month last year to see if we had anything that matches that streak: over 70º and no rain Friday through Sunday. If it rained even one of those days, then that weekend doesn’t count. I’ll say this: I was shocked.

In total, it happened only 3 times! May 1-3, July 3-5, and September 25-27. Only three Friday through Sunday stretches that were rain-free and had temperatures over 70º! Am I the only one that thinks that is insane?!?!

What does this mean for us? Well, I sure hope you got outside this weekend! Haha kidding, kidding.

We will have plenty of great weekends ahead from now until September. But it does go to show just how awesome this one was.