Dig begins to replace collapsed sewer line in Fraser sinkhole

Construction crews are taking repair on the Fraser sinkhole to the next step Tuesday. They've begun the dig to replace the main sewer interceptor line.

Over the next month they will be digging a hole some 60 feet deep so that they can replace the busted sewer line interceptor that created the massive mess near 15 Mile and Utica roads.

A dozen or so families were evacuated from their homes on Christmas Eve in 2016. Three homes were eventually condemned because they were no longer safe.

Crews have pretty much been working around the clock since late December, first on a temporary fix and now on this permanent one.

They recently finished installing 260 piers filled with cement and steel beams. These will act as the walls during the digging process and allow crews access to the break that is 11 feet in diameter.

The replacement pipe is being shipped here from Texas and is expected to arrive the beginning of July. It's expected to be replaced by the end of September. Reconstruction of 15 Mile Road is expected to be completed around Thanksgiving.

Work is also underway to clean some 3,700 feet of pipe just east of the break that was also discovered to be in danger of collapse. Supports have been added and we are told it will be re-enforced with a second polymer pipe this summer.