Disabled dialysis patient has his truck stolen in Ecorse

Thieves targeted a senior living facility in Ecorse and the latest crime is a stolen car.

It's bad enough to have your car stolen, but when it's your only way to get to dialysis it could be life or death. 

"I came down here and it was missing it was gone," said Alonzo Dixon. "I have to see about some transportation. Because I have to have dialysis."

Dixon, 68, has severe kidney problems and needs to get dialysis three times a week in Southfield.  But his dark blue 1996 Chevy Silverado was stolen from the Ecorse Manor Co-op Apartments parking lot sometime on the night of June 15.

"There's no security here," he said. "And they said they can't afford it. But they're charging you."

CSI the management company for Ecorse Manor, located on 9th Street, said in an email, that they are assisting Ecorse police and that they were only aware of this most recent theft.  

But one resident said he had his car broken into twice in the last two years.  

"I don't think the place is secure," said Clarence Wesley, Jr., a 10-year resident. "I don't know why I'm still here."

A police report was made and Ecorse police investigated.

"Before we come up with solutions and say what can be done, we need to put all the facts together," said Rev. Jerome T. Barlow, a community activist.

Dixon said he believes a fence should be put up around the parking lot.

"Why can't they put up a fence and a gate where our cars would be secure," he said. "Instead of this Mickey-Mouse stuff they got here."