Disgruntled business owner drops suit against Detroit, Mayor Mike Duggan

Three weeks ago, Detroit businessman Bob Carmack said the city and Mayor Mike Duggan were out to get him in a lawsuit. Now he's dropped his suit but isn't going away.

Carmack dropped the suit that he filed in mid-November on Wednesday after a federal judge criticized the suit. But he and his legal team are rethinking their strategy.

"I'm tired of corruption in Detroit, I'm tired of corruption in politics. I just wanted to make a change in this world," Carmack said last week when he vowed to release more information about city hall corruption. 

He also made headlines when he rented an electronic billboard that played video that he claims is proof that Duggan was meeting with a mistress. He also said then he would provide more details.

"It's gonna come out," he said last week. "I would say about a week (for it to come out)."

A week later, Carmack hasn't released more but instead has voluntarily dismissed the federal suit against Duggan. He had claimed that the city and mayor were retaliating against him for opposing a land deal.

The decision to end the suit comes after the Detroit News reported that a federal judge handling the case raised concerns about Carmack's conduct and public comments.

Lawrence Garcia is the city's top lawyer. He characterized Carmack's decision to dismiss the lawsuit as another  legal setback for for the business owner:

"The paperwork he filed last night proves that his case in federal court has no merit. However, it does not address concerns about Carmack's misuse of the legal system. My office will continue to press for full and final resolution of these baseless claims and an end to Mr. Carmack's abuse of the process"

Carmack is still fighting the city's bid to evict him from his collision shop on Michigan Ave.