Distracted Driving Day at Shrine HS shows scary, realistic consequences

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For the fourth year, Shrine Catholic High School and Academy in Royal Oak, hosted “Distracted Driving Day." 

It featured mangled cars and a life flight helicopter - painting a scary but realistic picture for students to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

The first responder demonstration showed the effects of a distracted driver crash. 

"(Teens)definitely have an air of invincibility," said Gregory Vick, a firefighter paramedic. "A young kid especially getting into the car for the first time, it's fun, it's cool, but they don't take into account the effects of distracted driving." 

There was also a live evacuation drill.  

"It is so important for our newest drivers in our community to understand that a three-second decision behind the wheel can change lives," said David Arce, State Farm Insurance.

Texting is against the law in Michigan and to be fair, it is not just young drivers doing it.

"We see adults, we see soccer moms, we see soccer dads, all texting at an alarming rate," said Arce.

The message today was specifically geared toward high school students and mainly to define what is distracted driving.

"Things from texting, changing the radio station, reaching for something in the backseat," said James Mio, principal Shrine High School.

But if you get into an accident it could cost more than a $200 ticket - it could cost a life.  

"We are driving a two-ton weapon so we have to be careful and wary when we're on the road," Mio said.