Dog inside stolen SUV found, reunited with owners

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A criminal act left a man without his vehicle but also without his best friend.

Clarence Forris' dog Scrubby was in his Ford Escape when someone stole it. But tonight, a happy reunion.

"He left the truck running to keep the dog warm at Pick 'N Party store at Seven Mile and Shiawasee near Burt Road on Detroit's west side. When he went in the party store the vehicle was stolen and Scrubby was inside.

FOX 2's Amy Lange had the report earlier Wednesday.

"So I went in, played the lottery and the truck was gone," Forris said.

You can see it pull away in the surveillance video - and inside was Scrubby. He's brown and white with blue eyes and wasn't wearing a collar or any identification tags.

"Please whoever has Scrubby, please return him," said Forris.

Now the tearful reunion. Fast forward to Wednesday night. Scrubby is found safe and reunited in the parking lot where he was stolen.

"Is that Scrubby, yes that's Scrubby," said Debra Forris, as she began crying.

The Ford Escape had already been located. Later Scrubby was found wandering at McNichols and Telegraph. Chantel Alexander delivered Scrubby after seeing Amy Lange's story on Fox 2.

"One of my clients found him in a groomer," said Chantel Alexander. "One of my clients dropped him off to me.

"She was just on the news so I called her and it was her dog."

FOX 2: "How does Scrubby look?"

"He looks pretty good to me," Debra said. "Yes, hi boy. It looks like he's been cared for. Yes."

"Thank you so much tell Amy Lange I said thank you so much."

"God Bless you, thank you, thank you," Debra said. "Scrubby's happy to be home. Oh yeah wait until he sees his daddy."

And safely in her lap behind the wheel, Scrubby is headed home. Now that's a doggone happy ending.