Dogs in recovery after rescue from homes in Roseville and West Bloomfield

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Brownie and Princess, are two pitbull mixes, and two of the 43 dogs rescued by authorities, less than a week ago from a private home in West Bloomfield and a garage in Roseville. 

“Some of the dogs that were being kept in West Bloomfield were removed to a garage in Roseville, because the county was catching on just how many dogs was in the home in West Bloomfield," Kristina Rinaldi said, executive director at Detroit Dog Rescue 2. 

West Bloomfield only allows four dogs. But that's only part of the problem. 

Kristina Rinaldi says that many of these animals, including Brownie and Princess were living in horrific conditions. 

“She had to give them five baths to get rid of the urine staining, to get rid of the feces. By the time I got the collars in my hands they were covered in feces I mean I've seen a lot and the smell made me sick," she said. 

Kristina says the dogs were tied to a pole in the home basement, not fed adequately, and completely neglected by a woman who we will not identify. But Kristina says she was using her "home" as a rescue for dogs. 

Fox 2: “Do you believe there should be criminal charges against this woman?

“I believe that there should be criminal charges against anybody who abuses and neglects their animals," she said. 

“Currently, under the law home-based rescues are not regulated by the state," Rinaldi said.

 “Should home rescues be licensed? I think we really need to have this conversation about what you need to be called a rescue," she said. 

Authorities are reviewing evidence. The 43 dogs have been placed in shelters, given to rescues, or otherwise put up for adoption.

“Princess is 11 or 12-years-old, she’s going through a lot. We're doing everything we can to keep princesses spirits up as well as brownies. They're all bonded pair," she said. 

If you'd like to adopt Brownie or Princess, you can contact Kristina here.