Domestic violence suspect, driver arrested after Westland chase

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Two suspects are in custody after leading Westland police on a 30-minute chase Thursday morning.

Around 9 a.m., Westland Police spotted a man wanted for a crime, who they were looking for on Wednesday.

But when they tried to stop the vehicle at Wildwood and Marquette, the vehicle sped away.

"He was wanted from yesterday for the felony count. He was wanted at that point for domestic violence and felonious assault. Upon further investigation they located that he is also a parole absconder," said Sgt. Robert Wilke of Westland police.

Police say the suspect they were after was in the passenger seat of the vehicle and his driver was a female.

Part of the investigation is whether or not the suspect was holding a gun to the woman's head as the chase continued.

"Even if nothing was recovered from the car there were times when the car had enough distance to be able to dispose of contraband without us being able to see or know," Wilke said.

Investigators are also working to determine if the female driver is the victim from the assault and domestic violence case.

"We're still connecting dots. We're still in the process of interviews. We're in the very basic stages. I'm going to say that I believe so, but I don't want to tell you definitively," Wilke said.

The chase continued through several cities including Wayne, Romulus and Dearborn before ending at 96 and Evergreen in Detroit.

"I don't know if there was vehicle malfunction on their part or not but what ended up happening is they ended up pulling over. They came out. They were compliant from that point forward," Wilke said.

Police are still working on this investigation but they believe driver and passenger could face numerous charges

"We're looking at a least fleeing and eluding charges, at least charges from yesterday's instant, which could be domestic violence for felonious assault, and he's also wanted by MDOC for being a parole absconder," Wilke said.