Double donations at Michigan Humane for Feb. 10 telethon

Every year, Michigan Humane helps 100,000 animals - but they need money to keep them afloat. On Thursday, all donations will be doubled, meaning your funds can help twice as many animals.

On Thursday, Feb. 10, FOX 2 and Michigan Humane are hosting a day-long telethon to benefit the organization. For as little as $50, you could provide life-saving vaccines and microchip one animal. A $100 donation helps spay or neuter one animal in the care of Michigan Humane, while $250 could help heal a fractured bone. 

But on Thursday, those funds will be doubled thanks to Purina. Donate on Thursday and your gifts will be matched to make 2X the impact.

FOX 2's Roop Raj Taryn Asher will be hosting the day-long telethon.

In January, we told the story of Tucker, who was found abandoned and had to have his back leg amputated after being tied with a wire. He developed tetanus and couldn't move and had to be fed via syringe by the staff. 

Michigan Humane CEO and President Matt Pepper wound up adopting the pup. He said that's an example of what makes the telethon so important.

"Somebody felt compelled to call, and we were able to rescue him, and someone felt moved by our work and felt strong enough to support it," he said. "That is what makes our work possible."

To donate, head over to the Michigan Humane's donation site here.