Downriver serial dine and dasher busted on camera

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A couple was quickly recognized after they were seen on surveillance video walking out on their tab in a Lincoln Park bar -- then seen later on FOX 2.

The dine and dash duo earlier this week ripped off Frannie Kisch, a single mom, who bartends at Chesley’s in Lincoln Park. They ordered $34 worth of beer and burgers.

"They filled up pretty good - on us," she said.

Ashley Zaborowski, a server at JP McGuire's in Taylor, recognized the couple as one that scammed her earlier this week, too, leaving her with a $40 tab.

"I feel like they are scumbags," she said. Thankfully a kind customer covered the couple's tab or else she would have had to pay it.

And the owner of Big League Brews in Taylor says the same couple walked out on a $92 tab almost two weeks ago.

"If it was food that would be one thing, but the guy was doing shots, they were drinking, they were having a nice time," said Matt Taylor.

So who stopped into BLB's to square up their tab Wednesday - guess who? Even though he wouldn't say who. You can watch in the video player above as FOX 2's Erika Erickson confronts the man believed to be part of the dine-and-dash duo. 

"Can I ask what this is in regards to?" the man said.

Erika Erickson: "It is regarding running out on tabs."

"I am not aware of that," the man said.

Erika: "We have you on surveillance though."

"Okay, that's not me," he said.

Erika: "This is not you?"

"No it is not."

"I'd be happy to have a conversation with you off the record," the man said.

Erika: "This is not you?"

"No it's not." 

Erika: "Did you just lie to me?"

"No I did not," the man said.

The man briskly walked off, but minutes later, the owner of BLBs caught up to him. 

"I saw this big green shirt and this bald guy walking that completely matched the description," Taylor said. "I found him, I pulled up and said, 'What's going on guy? I'm the owner of Big League Brews.'"

Busted. Taylor says the man admitted to owing the $92 and paid it - but not without serving up some excuses.

"'Apparently we forgot to pay,' or 'My wife thought I paid,' or 'I thought she paid,'" Taylor said. "(I said) Right, at three other places - Chesley's and J.P. McGuire's too?"