Downtown Detroit businesses thriving in mild winter weather

Any metro Detroiters dreaming of a white Christmas will be disappointed by Dec. 25's results. In fact, the region could be facing its warmest holiday season in almost 40 years. 

But not everyone is so despondent by the news. Just ask the thousands of pairs of feet traversing Campus Martius Tuesday afternoon.

"It inspired us to take a break from baking and get outdoors and walk around," said Brittany Vanderbeek of Detroit. "We want to visit the Cadillac Lodge and we're going to walk up Woodward to the DIA and back."

Mild-sweater weather at best, conditions for strolling and shopping were perfect. 

"Nicer weather, warmer, just makes it nicer I guess to not be so cold while you're skating," said Rylie Josephson of West Bloomfield.

With a forecast calling for mid-50s on Christmas, and with no snow in sight, many spent Dec. 24 out in the town. And if customers are happy, then business owners are likely to adorn a similar smile this Christmas - after all, it is their shops they're perusing.

"I've had a ton of customers tell me that they live being down here and the weather is so nice and I've definitely seen an increase in business," said Sarah Buckhannon, a shop owner in the Cadillac Lodge.

That good fortune spreading to other merchants as well

"It's absolutely making my bottom line raise up. We've had so many sales and we had such great customers come in," said another shop owner.

Because shoppers didn't have to worry about frigid temperatures stealing their breaths, many traversed the city by foot, instead of by car.

"We just went to the store by the Cadillac Lodge and the Monger's Provision as well for cheese and chocolate," said Vanderbeek.

But will this blip in warm weather influence Santa's journey across the globe? 

"NO NO NO!" we're happy to report.