DPS students as Pres. Obama to see district's problems in person

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Two students in the Detroit Public Schools system are desperate for help and are calling on a higher power for help: The President.

The two students want President Obama to get a first-hand look at the problems in their district so they sat down to write the commander-in-chief a letter telling him about what they see every day.

"Dear Pres. Obama, we are writing this letter as two students who have been educated in the Detroit Public School system our entire lives," they wrote.

'They' are students Kamari and DeMarcus. Both are 11th graders at Martin Luther King Jr. high school and are fed up with the Detroit Public School situation.

They're so frustrated they're taking it to the Oval Office and inviting the President to DPS. 

The letter explains that they've been dealing with sickouts, walkouts and rallies and that enough is enough.

"It is important for the President of the United States to know about an issue that is happening in his country," DeMarcus Taylor said.

It's not just the walkouts. Kamari McHenry says students aren't ready to move on to the next level.

"I really don't believe DPS students ready for college. The SAT scores were horrible this year. We are not ready for college," Kamari said.

They letter asks for the same conditions as suburban schools:

"We should receive the same treatment and learning conditions as our suburban school counterparts," they wrote.

But what about the Michigan legislators? Don't  they have a plan? DeMarcus says it's not what's right for DPS

"The thing about the bills is they are not what's best for DPS," DeMarcus said. "The legislators who are coming up with these bills are Republicans and it's not Republicans in the district of Detroit."

The students sent the letter on May 4 but as of May 26, the White House has not responded.