Dr. Sabrina Jackson: To 'Keep Hope Alive' is beneficial for health

February 28th might signal the end of Black History Month on the calendar but the lessons learned continue.

"I want people to understand that Black history is everybody's history," said Dr. Sabrina Jackson. "So that we can all celebrate, we can all have gratitude, we can all use empathy. And lastly, we can still have hope for all people in this diaspora as we have seen benefits from African-American culture."

And those health benefits, specifically those related to hope, are many, she said..

"One, it helps to reduce pain," she said. "To know that your mind is moving towards hope, it helps you to reduce pain in your body. It also helps you to elevate your self-esteem and how you are feeling about yourself. But this one is very important. It helps to decrease the opportunities for chronic anxiety. And with so much going on in the world,  we need hope."

Dr. Sabrina pointed to a local African-American woman's accomplishments as well, who has given hope to so many.

"Ms. Brittany Rose. Ms Brittany Rose is from right here in Detroit, Michigan," Jackson said. "She has a global impact with 'Black Girl Mathgic.' And I did not say magic, I said 'math-gic' because Brittany is a mathematician. And because of what she saw with STEM and people wanting to go into those arenas,  a lot of Black girls don't have confidence about math and don't have confidence of how they do in that space. So she created this wonderful program that young girls can gain confidence  in their math abilities."

Website: For more go to https://blackgirlmathgic.com/about/

"Yes we still have hope and we have to 'Keep Hope Alive' as Jesse Jackson once said. And that hope helps to benefit us mentally and physically when we stay in a space of hope."

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Dr. Sabrina Jackson

Dr. Sabrina Jackson