"Drew and Mike Show" returning on 106.7 WLLZ

iHeartMedia in Detroit has some exciting news for radio listeners. The legendary "Drew and Mike Show" is coming back to the airwaves with new content. 

The show has been on a 6-year hiatus. 

Drew Lane and the late Mike Clark were fixtures in the Detroit radio scene for decades. In 2016, the two started a podcast that continued their legacy. Sadly, Mike died last year at the age of 63. But now, Drew is bringing back the show to the all new 106.7 WLLZ, Detroit's Wheels.

The show will air Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8-11, and will include content from their podcast. All kinds of local radio and TV personalities will also stop by, including Marc Fellhauer, Tom Mazaway, Brandon McAfee, Jay Timko and Trudy Daniels. A rotating cast of others is in the works as well. 

When asked about the show, Drew said, "I'm thrilled to be back on-air in a city I love. I know my friend Mike would've loced to be back on the air and to broadcast on the iconic 106.7 WLLZ would've blown his mind." 

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The show's been added to the radio station's lineup effective immediately.