Drone provides rarely seen view of Tahquamenon Falls

Michigan in the fall is stunning, but you already knew that, being from Michigan. Sometimes, however, it takes another view to realize just how remarkable Michigan's falls truly are, especially Tahquamenon Falls.

Millions of people have stumbled upon the beauty that is Michigan's Upper Peninsula thanks to the photography work of Dustin Dilworth and D3 Imagery. D3 Imagery flew their drone over the falls just a few days ago and captured the amazing sight in its most beautiful glory.

The UP, aka "God's Country", is peaking a bit later this falls with the glorious orange, red, and yellow colors of the trees. It provided a breathtaking view that few have ever seen before. Watch it in the video player above.


The video has over 480,000 views on D3 Imagery's Facebook page and 11,000+ shares. The company then shared it to Pure Michigan's Facebook page where it racked up another 550,000 video views and 14,000 shares.

But get this: the video is just the beginning. D3 Imagery says they were flying to get an aerial 360 view of the falls and they got that marvelous shot as well.

Oh - and there's more.

The company picked up some other phenomenal shots of  the Heath M. Robinson Memorial Cut River Bridge on US Highway 2 and a majestic view of Mackinac Bridge.

Want to see even more of Michigan? Go to D3 Imagery's website and click around - you might find yourself lost in their amazing work.