Drone Zone shows Huron River beauty in winter

On The Drone Zone we found ourselves right next to the Huron River. So we thought hey, we wonder what this looks like from 400 feet in the sky. 

The Huron River is 130 miles long, and it starts from the Huron swamp in Springfield Township in northern Oakland County and it snakes all the way down past Milford through Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Belleville, and Flat Rock. 

The slow moving river is a popular one for canoers and kayakers in the summer. But in the cold unfrozen waters well, those are used by the ducks in the winter months. 

In 1823, a couple of pioneers travelled on the Huron River, 40 miles west from Detroit. stopping in a spot they deemed good for a development. Since both their wives were named Ann, they figured they would call it Ann Arbor which sounded like a good name. 

With beautiful bridges and wildlife, the Huron River is beautiful even in the dead of winter.