Attorney: Several hospitals considering taking 14-year-old left brain dead after asthma attack

It's been a difficult month for Sarah Jones, whose son was pronounced brain dead after an asthma attack at the end of September left him without cognitive activity. While Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor made the recommendation to take Bobby Reyes off of life support, his mother has been fighting to keep him alive. She's currently looking for a second opinion and another hospital that could take Reyes.

Cinetopia Film Festival Coming in June

Spanning 10 days, the Cinetopia Film Festival brings more than 60 films to the Detroit, Dearborn and Ann Arbor area. The event will include feature-length dramas, comedies and documentaries from the world's best festivals, including Sundance, Cannes, Venice, Toronto an SXSW and Tribecca.