Drunk woman found asleep in flower bed charged with DUI

A slightly intoxicated woman, a flower bed and the back of a police car equal not a good combination.

Troy police say they were called to a residential neighborhood and found a 34-year-old woman passed out in a flower bed.  

That woman, 34-year-old, Kristin Giddings, of Rochester Hills, was found by a child around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday lying in a flowerbed on Cherrywood Street in the area of Coolidge and Wattles, in Troy.  

When police were able to wake Giddings, they arrested her and charged her with driving under the influence, second offense.

According to police, Giddings registered a .08 when given a Breathalyzer test. Troy police also suspect that drugs may have been involved as well.

But her problems did not end there. Police say when Giddings was put in the back of the police car, she tried to escape.

Troy Police Sergeant Meghan Lehman says, “if you're in the back of a police car, stay there, you really can't get out."

That extra charge for trying to escape is resisting and obstructing a police officers.

And that is not all.

Police say that after the investigation, witnesses say, earlier that day, she nearly ran over 10 people in a Bank of America parking lot. Those allegations however, are still under investigation.

As for what police, they want to remind everyone that when you're under arrest that you comply, it makes everything go a lot easier.