Dumping site across from Detroit school continues despite $10K fine

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It looks like the town dump full of trash like old roofing and cinderblocks - but this isn't a junkyard.

It covers several city lots across from Loving Elementary School in Detroit.

"This doesn't make sense that it's in our community - a school right across the street," said Margaret Harris.

"The north end is not a dumping ground," said Jerry Hebron. "We are working to get our neighborhood back, stability safe -people cannot come up here and dump this stuff here and walk away."

Neighborhood activists on the north end at Oakland and Lynn are beyond frustrated - they've been complaining about this for years.
They've been to court to battle illegal dumpers and want this mess cleaned up before some kids get hurt.

"They are coming out of school and no one is watching them, they are going home and they are (like) 'Let's peep in here and see what's going on.' (Someone) could get hurt," said Velma Postell. "They need to take care of this because this has been going on for a long time."

"The guy who owns this property - they've gotten tickets - they've gotten a $10,000 ticket - they refuse to pay it," said Shirley Davis.

The city of Detroit has been there several times. The owner is listed as Thomas R Properties out of Warren, facing fines in excess of $10,000 - but that hasn't forced him to clean up the property.

The correction order had a compliance date of March 24. It is well past that and nothing has been done to clean up the property.

There was no answer at the Warren home of the owner of the illegal dump in Detroit - but there is a plaque out front honoring their beautification efforts in Warren.

A spokesman with Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan told FOX 2 that two more tickets are being issued and the Public Works Department is determining how to clean it up.

It is something that can't happen soon enough for the people who live there.

"We're trying to change the landscape, change the view from our young people's eyes," Hebron said. "They don't need to see this."