Eastpointe Police recover two alligators from business, gives them to sanctuary

Chief Animal Control Officer Brian Pylar responds to every call he gets, no matter what it is.

And on Tuesday around 10 a.m., it was a baby alligator being kept at a business - well, two alligators. But he didn't know about the second one when he arrived.

After receiving a call from a state representative at the Humane Society regarding an alligator being kept on display as a pet, he went into action.

"The owner of the business was unaware he wasn't allowed to have them," Pylar said. "Even I remember back in the day, you could sell them."

Pylar said the state doesn't regulate the sale of alligators, however the city of Eastpointe does. And the one he came across wasn't in the best of care. When the hometown hero offered to take them, he told the owner he could bring it to the alligator to a sanctuary.

"He was very receptive. He was great, very great," Pylar said. "If everybody else with animals had been like that, it would be awesome."

As Pylar was wrapping up, he asked if that one was the only one, the business owner said "No, I got this one too."

Pylar has never handled an alligator. He was trained on how to in the past, and has dealt with numerous other cases involving farm animals and snake raids - but this specific reptile encounter was his first.

"These ordinances are there for a reason," he said. "Nothing is too unreasonable or ridiculous."