Eating up the soulful vibes at Clique Restaurant in Detroit

You can feel the soulful vibes of Detroit when you walk inside Clique. The restaurant is very popular but has remained a low key spot in the city. 

The employees? Very professional. The atomsphere? Smooth. And the food? 

They've got everything from scramblers to skillets. And you've heard of having breakfast for dinner - and here you can get a little dinner for breakfast, too. FOX 2's Josh Landon visited the restaurant and ordered the meatloaf.

A favorite on the menu are the omletes. Owner Vince X says he makes proably about 200 a day. Another favorite is the pancakes, which they make from scratch and that you can get with any meal. 

Located on Jefferson at the corner of Rivard, Clique has been open since 1968. It's open every day from 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.

A combination of the food and customer service attracts folks from all over. It's not the biggest restaurant and that's part of the charm. 

"Yes, it's very tiny, but it gets really packed. People wait and they don't mind waiting because they know it's great," says Tay Henderson.

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