Elderly man beaten and robbed in MGM Casino Garage

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71- year old Clearance Kimbrough was beaten and robbed on the 6th floor of the MGM Casino parking garage Saturday morning.

The man was exiting the elevator of the garage when he was approached by a younger man.

"He hit me like four times, one, two, three, four, he kept saying where's the money," Kimbrough said.

Kimbrough suffered from a broken nose, a dozen stitches in his upper lip, and black eyes.

"They did cosmetic surgery on my nose to try and get that straightened back out," he said.

An avid poker player, Kimbrough hit the tables at MGM Casino on Saturday walking away with several hundred dollars.

"I had $475 and $200 more that was in my pocket, that's $675," he said.

When he was done, he took the elevator to the 6th floor parking deck, and another man walked in too, that's when Clearance knew there would be trouble.

"The reason I knew there would be trouble because very few people go that high to the 6th floor, this guy didn't press no floor," he said.

The guy told him it was a stick up, but Clearance didn't see a gun.

"I said help help help but there was nobody up there," he said.

Clearance says he tried to fight back.

"He hit hard, he hit like a fighter, he knocked me down, then he got on top of me and start hitting me, he fights like one of those guys on television," he said.

The man left Clearance there bleeding, then left in a vehicle. Security footage shows Clearance getting hit more than ten times.

He's hoping the security footage help police catch the guy responsible.

"They want to catch those guys, they don't want anything happening around those casinos, they don't want that, they gone try to catch him," Kimbrough said.