Elderly woman has $1,000 stolen in water scam in Warren

Two men are wanted for robbing an elderly woman out of almost a thousand dollars following a water scam.

"It's so unfortunate and so typical of these types of scams. I mean they happen daily," said Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer.

Apparently, two men arrived at a woman's house claiming they worked for the city and were there to test her water. When she asked for some identification, one man offered a piece of ID before pulling it away quickly.

After pretending to test some of the faucets they told her she had a leak. Telling her they could fix it for about a $1,000, she negoitated with them down to $800. After she went and grabbed the cash, she left it in envelope and followed one of the men into a bathroom. 

That's when they took the money and left.

The two are described as being white with olive green skin tones. 

The mayor is offering $1,000 for any evidence that leads to an arrest.