Elizabeth Warren campaign stops at Eastern Market for rally and town hall

Elizabeth Warren's visit to Detroit was part rally and part townhall. All of it meant to encourage her supporters that she is not going anywhere. 

"My name is Elizabeth Warren and I'm the woman that is going to beat Donald Trump," she said.

Warren came to the motor city with a message for those who may think her days in this race are numbered. 

"Prediction has been a terrible business and the pundits have gotten it wrong over and over," she said.

Warren urged people to vote their hearts. advice that seemed to resonate with some voters packed inside Shed 5 at Eastern Market. 

She was given to chance to show how her plans can have impact here in Michigan.  namely roads and education - and she says the solution is the same. 

"We have to ask those at the top to pay a little more," she said.

She proposed a wealth tax with .2 cents on every dollar a person earns after their first $50 million. 

--The Associated Press contributed to this report