Ellen surprises Detroit school with $500k donation

Image source: ellentube.com

It seems Ellen DeGeneres is always in a giving mood. She's given people cars, homes, makeovers, cash, you name it. This week though, she may have outdone herself  by making the most generous donation in the history of her show.

Ellen addressed Spain Elementary in Detroit on Wednesday. She told her audience about the dire conditions inside the school: not only are many students poor or homeless, most of their technology in the school is inoperable, their gym is unusable, and their roof is falling apart.

These issues have been well documented in recent months as Detroit teachers have staged sick-outs to bring attention to the issues plaguing Detroit schools. On Wednesday, Ellen announced she was lending a hand.

The Ellen Show worked with the school's principal, Mr. Alexander. He was the only one at the school in on the big surprise. Ellen's correspondent, Jeannie Klisiewicz, was in the school with the students and teachers.

After a brief hello, Jeannie and Alexander took the camera to the cafeteria for the big reveal where they had a TV set up so the students and teachers could see Ellen.

She talked to teachers who explained their plight: they make copies of text books because students can't take the books home, students have to wear coats in class, and more.

Then she dropped the news. In what Ellen called the 'biggest, most generous giveaway ever', she partnered with Lowe's to give every teacher and staff member $100 Visa gift cards and $50,000 worth of new technology. Plus Lowe's volunteers will come to the school to give $200,000 in materials and labor.

That wasn't enough for Ellen though. She brought in Justin Bieber who announced that $1 for every ticket sold to his April concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills in April will go to the school.

But wait, there's more! Lowe's also kicked in another $250,000 to the school.

All told, Ellen announced she and Lowe's were giving $500,000 in technology, materials for renovations, plus funding for additional staff.

Plus, Ellen started a GoFundMe account. She set the bar high - at $5 million - and asked everyone to visit and donate.

Watch the amazing reaction from the extremely excited students below. CLICK HERE to find Ellen's GoFundMe page.