'Escape the Room' is Detroit's newest group attraction

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Bored with movies or looking for something to do as a group? How about an archaeological dig or spy mission in downtown Detroit?

The new attraction is called "Escape the Room."

These people are trying to "Indiana Jones" -their way out of a series of connected rooms, solving puzzles to unlock even more hidden doors and puzzles.

The clock is ticking and overseeing it all, Victor Blake, the Truman Show-ian impresario behind the "Escape The Room" concept.

"I like being out with my friends, doing stuff that's social," Blake said. "Even in New York or Detroit there is a million things to do - eat or drink, drink or eat. This is a little different."

The fact that this is happening inside an office within a building in downtown Detroit, makes it all the more surreal.

"I mean essentially we lock the door, and you don't know where to start," Blake said.

With 11  locations in major cities across the map, this is no child's play. Escape the Room is a legit company of 250 employees, giving groups of friends, co-workers and even strangers, a 60-minute thrill ride for the brain.

"We have teams of set designers, and production people," Blake said. "Theme park engineers and large event producers."

Only 20 percent of people get out in an hour and even they usually need some helpful nudges from the unseen Victor, via overhead speaker.

The current record is 32 minutes and groups of strangers typically do better than friends or co-workers because no one's worried about being the boss or failing the boss.

"The group dynamic is more fluid," said Blake. "The leadership structure is more organic, you listen and those are the guys that break the records."

Escape the Room Detroit costs $28 a person. There's is also a second maze theme that is more spy thriller than archaeology.

You can book a trip at Escapetheroom.com/Detroit or call (313) 343-1574.