'Escaping Twin Flames' couple operated out of Farmington Hills, Netflix documentary trending

A couple that lived in Farmington Hills are the stars of a new Netflix documentary series called "Escaping Twin Flames."

While many may call "Twin Flames Universe" a cult, police say they do not suspect criminal activity. 

The organization is advertised as a community that helps people find their soulmate and reach a "harmonious union," according to their website. It is run by Jeff and Shaleia Ayan.

The Ayans have since moved from Farmington Hills, where they started Twin Flames Universe, to Suttons Bay in Northern Michigan. Their former neighbors described them as the "weird couple" on the block, but did not know how deep activities ran.

The couple sells classes, subscriptions, books, sessions and more. 

The documentary shows how Twin Flames University has increasingly become manipulative and controlling of its members – allegedly promising spiritual connections, forcing labor, and even persuading some people to transition genders to fit their agenda. 

Jeff has even called himself the second coming of Christ.

Several family members whose loved ones are members have claimed that they are brainwashed by the Ayans.

The Netflix show is currently among Netflix's top 10 most popular, streamed 4.1 million times this week.

"Many police departments may have discounted this," said Jeff King with Farmington Hills police. "We took this seriously."

The Farmington Hills Police Department conducted an investigation of the organization after receiving a call from an Australian mother in 2020 who said her daughter was a member. They investigated the couple and the members living there at the time, doing chores. 

"We talked to several individuals that were part of the organization that day, inside the house. Everyone was there of their own free will. Everyone was a willing participant in the programs that they were paying for," King said.

Detectives discovered that instead of running a pyramid scheme, the individuals were actually engaged in a multilevel marketing operation.

"We are not going to comment on whether this is right, wrong, or immoral," King said. "We are looking at a criminal aspect only, and at this time, there is no crime that occurred in the state of Michigan."

Farmington Hills police then handed their findings to the FBI.

"We are saddened that so much effort has gone into taking swipes at an organization and community founded on love and mutual respect," according to a statement from Jeff and Shaleia, made on their website.

The documentary stated the couple plans on buying property in Northern Michigan for all their members to live in. However, that is not confirmed.