Estate company boss charged with stealing $60K from clients

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Ron Robling was put in the Hall of Shame after a FOX 2 investigation a year ago.

But now he's at risk of being put in jail.

Robling was charged with 13 counts of embezzlement and one count of running a criminal enterprise. Rob Wolchek investigated him and his business, R and S Resale. 

On Tuesday Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette charged with embezzlement and said he stole more than $60,000 of his clients' money. Robling was arraigned in district court in Ferndale. His charge of conducting a criminal enterprise is a 20-year felony. 

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Robling held a company that hosted estate sales and several of his unhappy customers told Wolchek that they hired him to sell items at their deceased family members' homes. 

They said after the sales were over they waited months to get paid - and in some cases never did. Others say Robling sold entire houses full of furniture and cars and yet, only paid them a few thousand dollars.

When Wolchek confronted Robling he said everything would be taken care of but he had no explanation for why his customers were being paid so little for their family's estates. 

His victims were already grieving the losses of family members and the attorney general says Robling allegedly used his clients' proceeds to pay his own debts.