'Everything is on'; Metro Detroiters rejoice after days in the dark, tens of thousands still without power

When Kelly James was pulling up to his home, all he could think was why did someone leave the lights on in his house. 

"I was just pulling up and I seen the porch light on and I said ‘turn that light off!’ and then I said ‘oh my God, everything is on,’" said James, of Oak Park.

"Last night was the estimate for 11:30 pm. and it never happened. Then 11:35 came and it’s just like ugh," said Felicia Tolbert.

Tolbert's power flipped back on in the middle of FOX 2's visit to her home Sunday. 

Both Tolbert and James were among the hundreds of thousands across Michigan to see their electricity go out after severe weather blitzed Metro Detroit and other parts of the state. 

They were also some of the lucky tens of thousands to see their power restored this weekend. 

At its peak, DTE's outage map reported more than 600,000 residents without power. Consumers Energy, which services electricity to Michigan residents outside of Metro Detroit, reported more than 250,000 without power. 

DTE has managed to trim that number down to 44,000 and Consumers down to 28,300 by Monday morning. Their new estimates were closer to Monday night to see the rest of the lights back on

But the problems are still not over for the customers that experienced flooding. Oak Park's Tracey Lott, who has been living in the dark for five days, has also dealt with a soaked basement for five days.

"And then our basement flooded. I was so mad I called the plumber, he came out, can't do nothing with the sump pump cause you got no power," said Tracey Lott. "It was like that for four days and there's just water steadily rising."

Lott's power came back on as well. But a flood-soaked basement is the beginning of another slew of issues as mold and mildew can prosper.