Evicted woman was living with 86 cats, 1 dog in Mt. Clemens, deputies say

The Macomb County Sheriff said a woman who was being evicted from a home was living with 86 cats and one dog when animal control had to be called to remove the animals.

According to the Macomb County Sheriff's office, deputies were called by Macomb County Animal Control to a home on Roseview Blvd. in Mt. Clemens after dozens of cats were found in the home and had to be removed.

All told, animal control officers removed 86 cats and one dog and took them to  the Macomb County Animal Shelter. The majority of the animals were sick and unadoptable and the sheriff said the home was in deplorable conditions. 

The owner of the animals, a 62-year-old white woman, was hospitalized as authorities seek an evaluation on her condition.

"It is a sad situation for all parties, the animals that aren’t being properly cared for, the owner who is unable to provide for and keep up with animals that continue to reproduce, and the community that lives with the infested climate. It is in these cases, that law enforcement must step in to protect everyone involved," said Sheriff Anthony Wickersham.

A warrant has been issued by the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office and the woman has been charged with animal cruelty of 25 or more animals - a 7 year felony.

Prosecutor Eric Smith promised to prosecute the case to the fullest extent of the law.

The woman's name was not released.